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Shopwindow decoration Price Gallery

Correctly designed showcase - a pledge to increase store sales, this is the first source of information for potential buyers, the storefront is viewed before entering the store, so it is very important to use effective advertising with accents for discounts when pasting showcases and colorful colors. 

Pasting of shop windows mainly produced:

  • oracle economy series (641);
  • It is possible to use stained-glass film and matte film 640 series for glass matting;
  • application film, full color printing.


We, having many years experience in window dressing and in gluing films in different shopping centers, know all the rules of work for each center. 

We will help you to obtain permits for your shop window.

Let's tell you what technology to use in a particular shopping center.

We can effectively plan the sticking mode and quickly organize the start of discounts for chain stores.

  • *
  • - Preparing a standard layout
  • - Consumables up to 1 sq.m.
  • - Departure
  • - Pasting the film on the display case

Our organization is engaged in the gluing of shop windows for separately built stores. Since for stores that are not in shopping centers, there are no restrictions when designing a display case, we suggest using a variety of effective options for using a variety of films and materials, lighting and diodes, so that the display window looks as beautiful as possible and attracts the attention of customers.


3D showcases, multi-level window dressing


First level 

outer glass, which is made with the use of gluing the oracle both from the outside and from the inside.

Second level

the gap from the glass to the display window, the place where the dummies stand, we use lighting and various materials to design this zone, attracting inscriptions and voluminous objects.

Third level

the background of the storefront, & nbsp; as & nbsp; usually, this is a banner fabric with a seal to create a holistic picture of the image.

The most important thing in the design 3D shop windows - this is an interesting idea that we pass on to the customer through 3D & nbsp; visualization. Usually, this is a thematic design, made with different flat or bulky materials, creating a common visual image of the showcase.




1. Film pasting on shop window

Enough effective advertising in shopping centers and freestanding stores is considered to design the facade of glass and is one of the many ways to influence the target audience. Inscriptions "discount", "sale", "share" are almost all magnetically. The most common method of processing glass windows are all kinds of texts and subjects of application. Cut them from the self-adhesive Aurukun and pasted in the window with the accuracy according to the developed and approved layout. Several different kinds of colored films can be used to give a more vivid visual effects simultaneously. A wide variety of plain films, with a holographic effect, sandblasting glass, reflective and metallic, as well as the application of all kinds of images. Their application will be the object more visible even from afar.
glue film on windows is relevant not only in the season of discounts, promotions, and to inform you of a new product to the store or the updated menu in the cafe or restaurant. To do this, use the short texts or images that tell the most about your product and will have an immediate effect, as by passing the user simply will not read long, convoluted sentences.
Colorfully decorated storefront can not ignore the potential buyer. Create a special atmosphere in the shop window will awaken the interest of people passing by.

2. Decoration shop

In no case can not be neglected advertising, even if you offer a very high quality product. Today's market are forced to reckon with these conditions.
The card of any store can be the use of all sorts of decorations. for decor can be infinitely varied by. Volume letters in the window dressing will not leave anyone indifferent, and absolutely suitable to any style, the main thing to choose the right font, color, size. They are made of foam, plastic, or other materials at the discretion of the customer, which will easily move the letters when necessary.
Growth figures - this is another fashion advertising medium that can increase sales many times.
Growth figures are made of any shape and size of a sheet of PVC with a stable support. Right on the PVC sheet is applied to the image, resistant to fading colors. It can be human figures in full growth, trees with leaves, painted in the color of the ensuing seasons, with information about the early season discounts, famous characters, or the product itself, which is offered.
Growth figures can serve as a delimited zones in the room, and interior decoration.On the surface, if desired, can be arranged pockets for leaflets.

3. Window dressing

Since the introduction of the production of goods has begun the development of advertising as art, the aim of which was to turn passersby in their regular customers.Design display cases used to lure the customer inside. Glass showcases are simply created to create different installations. With the development of technology showcases began to turn into a real stylish catwalks.
Some customers prefer sleek design, like other flashy facades of their storefronts.Before you choose a style in the design is necessary to determine the main segment of buyers.
But the most important task of the maximum to emphasize the dignity of the goods and services offered in the store and intelligently combine all the elements of advertising together. To showcase necessarily in harmony with the overall style of the room.
Create a special atmosphere glass facade will awaken the interest of people passing by and beneficial to provide your store among other outlets.

4. Christmas window decoration

New Year's everyone's favorite and most anticipated holiday for adults and children, who are waiting with trepidation.
It was New Year's Eve in a festively decorated window becomes the main instrument of active sales. All in good time looking for original gifts for their friends and relatives, colleagues and partners, and the atmosphere here is very important in all processing shop, which would be disposed to spending. All kinds of Christmas trees, stars, interpretation of favorite Christmas stories ... your window to be associated with the holiday and to convince the consumer that this is where he will find what he needs.Professionally thoughtful design the key to success.
Throughout the year, a lot of holidays in order to please its customers with original proposals - February 14, March 8, as well as seasonal discounts.
Do not miss the chance to amaze your customers.