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Vacuum forming Price Gallery

Vacuum forming


By applying the method of thermoforming are various forms of three-dimensional articles, and other blanks of plastic, acrylic, Plexiglas, and other polymeric materials, followed by heating and combining with the matrix. An important advantage is the ability to vacuum thermoforming thin-walled and large-size parts.
In today's market there are many different materials that, one way or another, lend themselves to vacuum thermoforming - is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene, acrylic (also known as Plexiglas) polymer sheet, PET, ABS and other plastics.
What influences the choice of material? An important factor, such as the complexity of the form, thermoforming depth will apply lights in the product or not. Main task is to determine which function is to carry the finished product.
With many years of experience and the latest technology, our highly qualified employees produce high-precision products. Any level of complexity of the product that you have order, passes a full cycle of works - from design to the finished product.

Vacuum forming

Thermal vacuum forming is not only very interesting, but also one of the most difficult processes that require special knowledge and skills in the manufacture of bulk plastics, as well as the availability of special equipment.
Vacuum forming plastic or plexiglass can be divided into several important stages.
Forming material is heated to the temperature at which it changes its shape without significantly changing its characteristics to state of plasticity. Then comes directly the molding process under the influence of vacuum molding in a special form. Followed by a cooling step to a temperature at which the product becomes dimensionally stable. After the dressing is removed from the molding forms and machinable, i.e. trimming.
The resulting product retains the robust qualities that guarantees maximum durability.

Articles made of plastic

After processing plastic vacuum forming process as a result you can get a lot of different products that are used in virtually every industry. Plastic stand for different groups of goods with price tags of different sizes for equipment, utensils, jewelry, glasses, clothing, cosmetics, household goods, etc. For the manufacture of packaging and containers for packaging food and chemical products. For construction purposes, and in the production of household appliances.
Without the vacuum forming process can not do in the manufacture of three-dimensional letters, vyveskok as for external facades, as well as for internal use, with the possibility of drawing of a logo or brand name.
All kinds of items for interior decoration of shops, beauty salons, shopping malls, hotels, for the display of goods and services at the exhibitions.
Plastic products used in car tuning elements - it bumpers, sills, spoilers, as well as in the aviation industry.
We also produce molds from the material that you will be required for the implementation of your projects.

Molding Polystyrene

Polystyrene - a type of plastic that has a number of very important advantages. This material is non-toxic, moisture-proof, capable of transmitting light, resistant to chemical agents, work fine at low frequencies and the temple, because often applied in electrical engineering.
Polystyrene is one of the most common plastic used in thermoforming. It is affordable and has most of the necessary characteristics required of plastics during vacuum forming.
Finished products made of polystyrene used for domestic purposes, advertising, construction, it is recommended to use indoors.
Polystyrene sufficiently brittle material in an unmodified state, so to increase the strength and elasticity to the feedstock are added special additives.

Vacuum Forming Plastic

Plastic products produced in the process of thermoforming confidently occupy a leading position in industrial production. Thermoforming is used for the manufacture of large batches and single copies of products. Thermoforming plastic on the high-quality equipment allows you to perform with extreme precision
product bulk form and to realize the most daring design decisions.

Forming Acrylic

Acrylic (Plexiglas) - polymethyl methacrylate plastic, in its pure form is a transparent material, but with the addition of additives and acquires other shades of color.
Before vacuum forming, acrylic necessarily required to dry, since this polymer absorbs atmospheric moisture. The process of thermoforming acrylic quite costly in terms of energy use, but in the end provides a durable product for use in advertising signboards, volumetric letters and other elements of the promotional items.

Thermoforming ABS

ABS plastic in its arsenal has the advantages of quality as impact resistance. Suffice it easy to vacuum forming. As a result of thermoformed ABS plastic is possible to obtain high-strength sports equipment.
During operation of the ABS plastic product can withstand heat up to 80 ° C.

Vacuum Molding PET

PET is very easy to vacuum forming. Has no high internal stress, does not require pre-drying in the case of acrylic. Heat capacity is less PET and thus heating the sheets by vacuum forming it is necessary to spend less amount of heat energy. The quality of the finished product meets all the requirements that apply to the advertising and lighting products.
Volumetric signboards, models products that impress with their impressive size and unusual shapes, all this and more can be realized by means of vacuum forming technology.