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Shelf Transformer Price Gallery

Shelf Transformer
Modern design does not tolerate Pile. By purchasing from us you save rack space in your room, giving aesthetics in your space. Rack «Transformer» perfectly complement the interior of your room, perfectly fit not only in the living room and in the nursery.
Thanks to the original design of our shelving can take up any space in your room. Ideal for use as a bookshelf, wall shelves, shelves for pictures, shelves on the walls.
The rack is easily assembled and disassembled with minimal damage to the wall surface with specially-designed collapsible shelving system. Different configurations are possible.
The shelves in the rack can be added or swapped. You can adjust and change the location of shelves, depending on the need and mood!
The product is made exclusively of environmentally friendly, natural materials.
Plywood WBP 12 mm 1525*1525 990 UAH
U-shaped profile 1480*785 600 UAH
Environmentally friendly material Safety Easy to build Standards are taken into account
for furniture

Rack Transformer

To some it may seem that the use of shelving in apartments rather boring decision. But if we turn our attention to modern design decoration of residential areas, we see that the use of such structures quite popular. The shelves in the racks can be used for equipment, books, magazines, documents, and if your library is stored in the electronic rack shelves, no matter how it is better suited for interior decoration all sorts of souvenirs, frames with photos and many other things that you would like to leave in sight. This is a very versatile piece of furniture as suits perfectly for all spaces - hall, living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen.

Transformer Rack Housing

To store a lot of things shelving extremely popular device in the house. It consists of several tiers of shelves, which are attached to the uprights. The big advantage of using a rack is that this design does not occupy a large space in the room and access to things is still very convenient.
Open shelves in the rack able to organize in the living room a refined stopover, with a few decorative accessories rack transforms into an attractive detail of the interior.
His use of the rack is in the kitchen. In place of the cumbersome buffets came graceful racks, which are intended for the storage of kitchen utensils. Most racks have a dining area, placing on the shelves of dishes or other utensils.
C first days of the child's life in the nursery shelves are very necessary thing. At first rack shelves can be used for diapers, diapers, and other most necessary things that should always be at hand from their parents. When the baby grows, additional shelving will be a wonderful place for games, toy store, and eventually a place of dolls, cars and bunnies will take textbooks and notebooks. The most important requirement for the design of this environmentally friendly and secure attachment, but also to the rack did not have sharp edges.


Shelving for books popular piece of furniture not only in offices, but also in the home office, he also needed. Most often it is placed at the side of the man sitting at the table, so that objects placed on shelves are available at arm's length. With Transformer rack can arrange a cozy place for reading your favorite works of placing racks on the edges of the window, and in the middle of putting a small sofa.
Thanks to the original design bookcase Transformer into any interior able to add flavor and to diversify the space. Its installation is made easily, assembled and disassembled easily enough, it can stand on the floor or mounted on the wall.
In addition, you have the ability to adjust the position of the shelves. Shire - already mentioned - is lower depending on the needs and preferences, giving new mood room.
It is also possible individual order Transformer rack for your home.