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S-style coffee table Price Gallery

S-style coffee table
The harmonious blend of style and functionality with a large enough space on the worktop and secure a stable table.
Coffee Table «S-style» is perfect for the living room, country house or public places such as hotel lobby, restaurant, restaurant, spa salon, office.
Coffee tables decorate the interior of any apartment, the table will fit perfectly into any interior. The table can not only serve as a place for all the basic necessities, as well as a decorative element.
Coffee table designed by young Ukrainian designers.
Due to its design and its dimensions Table «S-style» will become your indispensable assistant in the daily affairs. The product is made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials.
Pipe 20*20*2 800*500*500 1900 UAH
Plywood WBP 21 mm    
Environmentally friendly material Safety Easy to use Standards are taken into account
for furniture

Coffee table S-style house

Coffee table in every modern home pleasant and convenient addition. This table will fit into any space and will fit perfectly to any interior. On the coffee table often put nedochitannuyu newspapers, books, magazines, various small items, put a vase of fragrant flowers or store panels of household appliances. This item is added by default to the headset furniture upholstered furniture, because it is easy to use and does not take up much space. Coffee table easy to move indoors in a place convenient for you, to where it is needed at the moment, for example, to the chair to work on the laptop to the couch to enjoy drinking tea with friends or for some fun board game together. Coffee table you can find thousands of different applications.
In the bedroom, coffee table is designed to serve as a bedside table, where you can comfortably accommodate all the cosmetics and a night light, as well as check out your favorite product at bedtime. It is worth noting that the coffee table not only a multifunctional piece of furniture, but also decorative, which can become a bright accent in any room of your home.

Coffee table in the office

Coffee table and an indispensable fashion item in any office, hotel or spa salon. Usually, it is designed for a comfortable waiting visitors scheduled meeting over a cup of drink. Often they use a very good move, placing in office waiting room on the coffee table branded brochures, catalogs with products or services with which each person can independently read.
In addition, trying to match the modern management style, showing the democratic office, all reputable companies equip a comfortable area to relax their employees, where they can work in between to relax over a cup of coffee at the coffee table and tune into a working harmony.