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Router cutting Price Gallery

Our organization is engaged in the milling cutting at the professional level, using CNC milling machines. Computer control of the milling equipment and high quality finger cutters produces high-quality final product, with smooth edges and cut into full compliance with the specified parameters.
Milling cutting, or milling, is used in virtually all areas of outdoor advertising, both for cutting sheet materials and three-dimensional elements.
Sheet materials for milling cutting are:

Пластик ПВХ



composite materials


Soft metals (aluminum, brass)




Milling can be both horizontal and vertical, in addition, milling work performed at different angles for maximum transmission of the picture. With milling machine we izgotavlevaem: 
  • large letters 
  • plastic stands; 
  • signs; 
  • signs; 
  • corners of the buyer.


Prices for milling work


size Cutting of complex products ranging in size from 100 mm for the m / n
PVC acrylic composite tree
chipboard MDF
До 2 mm 4 UAH. 4 UAH. 8 UAH. - -
2 mm 4 UAH. 5 UAH. 14,5 UAH. - -
3 mm 5 UAH. 6 UAH. 15 UAH. - -
4 mm 5 UAH. 6,5 UAH. 17 UAH. - -
5 mm 7 UAH. 8 UAH. - - -
6 mm 7,5 UAH. 9 UAH. - 10 UAH. 10 UAH.
8 mm 9 UAH. 11 UAH. - 15 UAH. 15 UAH.
10 mm 10 UAH. 13 UAH. - 18 UAH. 18 UAH.
12 mm 16 UAH. 35 UAH. - 20 UAH. 20 UAH.
16 mm - 35 UAH. - 22 UAH. 22 UAH.
18 mm - 35 UAH. - 23,5 UAH. 23,5 UAH.
19 mm 19 UAH. 35 UAH. - 25 UAH. 25 UAH.
20 mm - 50 UAH. - 30 UAH. 30 UAH.
25 mm - 50 UAH. - 38 UAH. 38 UAH.
30 mm - - - - -


size Cutting of complex products up to 100 mm per m / n
PVC acrylic composite tree
chipboard MDF
До 2 mm 5 UAH. 7 UAH. - - -
2 mm 5 UAH. 7 UAH. 14,5 UAH. - -
3 mm 7 UAH. 8 UAH. 15 UAH. - -
4 mm 7 UAH. 9 UAH. 17 UAH. - -
5 mm 9 UAH. 9,5 UAH. - - -
6 mm 10 UAH. 13 UAH. - 10 UAH. 10 UAH.
8 mm 11,7 UAH. 15 UAH. - 15 UAH. 15 UAH.
10 mm 12 UAH. 20 UAH. - 18 UAH. 18 UAH.
12 mm 16 UAH. 35 UAH. - 20 UAH. 20 UAH.
16 mm - 35 UAH. - 22 UAH. 22 UAH.
18 mm - 35 UAH. - 23,5 UAH. 23,5 UAH.
19 mm 19 UAH. 35 UAH. - 25 UAH. 25 UAH.
20 mm - 50 UAH. - 30 UAH. 30 UAH.
25 mm - 50 UAH. - 38 UAH. 38 UAH.
30 mm - - - - -


size Engraving, m / n
acrylic Artificially. marble
4 mm 11 UAH.  
5 mm 11,80 UAH.  
6 mm 12,50 UAH.  
8 mm 14 UAH.  
10 mm 17 UAH.  
12 mm 28 UAH.  
19 mm 35 UAH.  
25 mm 35 UAH.  
material price
Soft metals (aluminum, brass, copper) 35 UAH. / 1 extending to a depth of 0.5 mm
Wood: milling pattern, notches 20 UAH. / cubic meters.
3D milling wood 30-50 у.е. / Hour machine



Milling cutting wood

This process is a wood processing mill. The material is fixed on the machine, the program is given the layout of the finished product, the cutter starts to rotate! Thus we achieve maximum accuracy in the manufacture of any product. Hiller also allows engraving on furniture, stairs, picture frames. In advertising, wood engraving is used for the manufacture of packages with an individual design. For outdoor advertising milling cutting wood allows us to produce any non-standard advertising design, logo, sign, and more.
Products that are manufactured via the milling cutting of wood:
  • rama
  • details
  • Icons
  • pictures
  • stands
  • boxes
  • engraving inscriptions
Also, quite often we do 3D milling wood for registration of information stands at exhibitions, shop windows decoration, custom interior decor, souvenirs and much more. Artistic wood milling demand, when the customer wants to do a custom design of your interior. Very nice, refined and practical, you can arrange a fireplace, stereo system and any other gadgets or furniture.
Advantages of the milling cutting wood before manual processing of wood - is the cost. wood milling is much cheaper. Given the accuracy of the machine and a computer program product quality is not inferior to manual work and even wins! Micron precision cutting makes it possible to realize the most original ideas!
Wood carving is often used in construction. This production of all kinds of parts, ladders layouts.

Milling cutting ice

​Milling ice is a very interesting process. Ice - this winter decor of most events. The ice is quite easy to cut, that allows us to produce a product quickly, do not melt at the same time the ice. The product is made of ice especially looks good in covering, for example, in nightclubs, parties and social events. Rays of light wring both dumped glass, reflected in many different ways.
Quite often, this type of advertising used sponsors events.
Cutting the ice allows you to make this type of product:
  • logo
  • Volumetric letters
  • Art cut
  • ZD design aluminum milling


Cutting aluminum

Cutting aluminum - one of the most complex processes. Cutting soft metals is not fast. Especially if the material thickness of 10 mm. Because of its viscosity is very hard aluminum material. Also, when milling aluminum alloy it is necessary to consider: pure aluminum or an impurity. Aluminium is also divided into dry and wet. Wet cut aluminum complex and requires a fairly long processing time. The product is made of aluminum can be glossy or matte. Milling cutting aluminum gives the opportunity to perfectly straight line, to make quite small details.
Milling cutting aluminum is used for the manufacture of:
  • logo
  • volumetric letters
  • Details on production
  • interior decor



Milling cutting acrylic

Acrylic - a type of plastic. Good light transmission, relatively durable, has a great range of colors. Cutting acrylic mill it is often used for the manufacture of outdoor advertising. Acrylic is a very good material for milling. He does not crumble, it does not crack.



Cutting Acrylic:

  • Tablets
  • small labels
  • Framework
  • Stands
  • Large outdoor letters
  • souvenir production


Milling cutting MDF

MDF - the material of the fine wood shavings, made under pressure by the high temperature. It has a uniform structure and can be easily processed. MDF particle board is more expensive, and 1.5 - 2 times stronger.
MDF is an ideal material for cutting and engraving cutter. Milling cutting MDF is often used in construction.
In advertising using a milling cutting MDF decorate packaging, gift boxes.
MDF is more dense material, well engraved.


Milling cutting chipboard

CPD - slab of wood particles in the hot press. Cutting mill chipboard - is most often used in the manufacture of furniture. DSP is fairly easy to mill, but the material is sufficiently krohky.
Milling DSP is suitable for the manufacture of:
In the manufacture of furniture


Milling cutting plywood

Plywood - laminate which is made by bonding veneers prepared. Art milling cutting plywood can cut literally masterpieces of design.
The process of cutting plywood pretty quick. All depends on the material thickness. The edges are left without chipping, allowing virtually immediate use.
On the milling machine is also possible to carry out the engraving plywood. Engraved plywood used in packaging materials, or to emphasize the exclusivity of the product.
  • Clock
  • Framework
  • Tablets
  • Volumetric letters
  • details
  • Accessories for photo shoots
  • decorating items


Milling cutting plastic

Plastic is the most popular material for the milling cutter. Milling plastic quite easily and quickly carried out. In outdoor advertising milling cutting of plastic and is always applied every second. Cutting with a milling machine plastic made from 0.5 mm to 20 mm thick. This makes it possible to cut out anything you want to do the engraving. 3D plastic cutting makes it possible to implement infinitely the most creative and ambitious projects in outdoor advertising, as well as in any other industry. Cutting PVC cutter used in the manufacture of outdoor advertising structures. Cutting milling polycarbonate is used for the manufacture of parts for the production of protective structures for transporting and much more.
During the short time of the plastic can be cut:
  • Business Cards
  • letters
  • Tablets
  • Pointers
  • Stands
  • Advertising stands
  • Fundamentals of product
  • logo



And much more. All products you can see by clicking on the link.