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Volumetric letters Price Gallery

Large letters on the date - the most effective form of outdoor advertising, because of the 3D effect letters viewed from different angles. Large letters are very impressive look both day and night vremya.Obemnye letters are illuminated and non-illuminated, usually the front part of the three-dimensional letters made of light-diffusing acrylic letters can be tinted film or paint, both in front and from the side.
It can assemble by volume letters on a facade, or make a signboard with by volume letters, such signboard will look very whole, cutely and effectively.

There are four basic types of lighting letters:


1. Light volumetric letters illuminated the face of the

Letters illuminated face (front) of the most popular type of light volumetric letters. Typically, the side portions of volumetric letters are made of opaque plastic, or else from aluminum, while the front part of the first-class acrylic or clear plastic. As is well known acrylic glass has excellent light transmission properties, so this material is most often used. Inside the structure is placed a light source, and in this version is large letters look quite bright and catchy. This type of outdoor advertising is used in the design of signage.

2. Large letters with a luminous board (illuminated side portion)

Side illumination of volumetric letters in comparison with the previous version is performed with accuracy on the contrary. The front part of the structure is made of light-impermeable material and the lateral parts are usually made of acrylic glass. In this embodiment, the luminous board a bulk letters glow is not as bright, but more gently. With the help of the inner light around the letter created a halo effect and gives the sign temptation. Despite the fact that the sign is not gaudy bright it is quite noticeable and the words read clearly. This technique is used in offices, interior decoration and retail outlets.



3.Plastikovye letters with lighting kontrazhurnym

Kontrazhurnaya lighting provides at night more effective and luxurious visual effect. Structure is completely fabricated from acrylic, plastic or PVC, which does not transmit light or entirely of metal. Such large letters are attached using fasteners at a small distance from the surface to the light aimed at the wall, scattered around the three-dimensional letters. This remarkable effect, and is called the "contre". To create the desired color illumination, a rear wall letters paste over a light-scattering film or use colored LEDs. Quite often, this method of illumination of volumetric letters used in the design of entrances, facades, shops and cafes. These designs will serve you for many years, and have a resistance to weather conditions.

4. Full illumination of volumetric letters (lights front and side parts)

A sign with a comprehensive backlit letters the most expensive, time-consuming and complex in execution form of three-dimensional letters. Since acrylic is more difficult to work, where necessary bends, so spent a little more time to process the material. Such signs are rarely in demand. Another point is that in a few years, inside the letter of transparent acrylic or plastic accumulates dust which becomes noticeable. Therefore, large letters that light up, and the front and side of the need to periodically wash. The only way to maintain an attractive appearance signboard.



Prices of bulk letters:

Regarding the prices of large letters, there are many types and variations of letters, the prices depend on the size, thickness, type of lighting and materials used. Therefore, in the manufacture of three-dimensional letters, we expect prices individually, with the help of the program's cost calculation of volumetric letters.

Production of volumetric letters

Most would agree that the large letters in the outdoor advertising has been widely recognized, and the prevalence in these modern times, and has become the most urgent form of advertising.
With the help of letters, we produce brand names of enterprises, the logos, which are fixed in the memory of consumers of goods and services that improve the perception of the brand.
When you create a corporate image of the company advertising using the three-dimensional letters contributes to raising its prestige and importance, the identification of services and goods.
Our company has high-quality equipment for the manufacture of three-dimensional letters from all kinds of materials. Production of volumetric letters is quite time consuming and complicated process, so it should be trusted only to professionals.


Letters made of plastic

Under the plastic sheet, we mean those polymeric materials such as acrylic, PVC and polystyrene. It is from these materials we produce plastic volumetric letters.
The advantage of these letters is that they are heavy, compact and lightweight. To give the exclusivity of each design used different fonts, sizes and color shades, moreover, they are suitable for any building design. In addition, large letters, plastic may be subjected to further processing by powder coating film or paste. Placing large letters made of plastic can be both outside and indoors.
Volume letters are divided into light and not light.

Volume letters with lighting

Letters with lighting in turn differ in the way highlighting certain parts. With backlighting the front surface side and the backlight, which is located on a contour of a letter or lighting and front and side simultaneously. An important factor - it's low power consumption, so used fluorescent lamps, LED lights, and gas-discharge tubes. The advantage of these lights is the brightness, long life, a choice of colors and high efficiency. Signboards with light Large letters are essential when placing entertainment, working at night, such as cafes, bars, restaurants and other.

Letters without light

Letters without backlight used for interior signage. And can be bulky or poluobemnyh. Similar designs are most often found in banks, at the reception office or the hotel lobby. They are simple to install, practical and look great.
We will help you to develop a custom design for the characters giving the original and attractive image of your company.
For more information about the volumetric letters follow the link



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