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  • All stands, models designed and manufactured by "Original Solutions" campaign "KUHN - Ukraine" on all exhibitions and presentations...
  • Our fruitful cooperation with a group of companies "Original" , began in 2007 and successfully continued to the present day , reliability, professionalism...
  • To whom it may concern,   I confirm that we have dealt with Advertising Company and manufacturer ORIGINAL group since 2007, during which time...

Making scenes Price Gallery

The organization of any mass action needed without having to install the podium or stage, decoration and range of technical services. Stage or podium is a central site of action at the event and is used for various events, ceremonies, corporate, sports, urban developments, iseminarov conferences, presentations and exhibitions, fashion shows and performances.
 Company "Original Solutions" has a strong industrial base for the production of stage podiums variety of designs, shapes, appointments, sizes as well as custom podiums and podiums with integrated lighting. In addition, our specialists can design decor and branding for these activities, which will quickly transform the space, make it cozy, to create the right atmosphere and mood. We are ready to offer these types of services, such as: design stage or podium backdrop; production of the reception-desk stands, advertising racks, rollapov, channel letters, signs, installation of the press Walla, banner designs and other media advertising information.
Did you know that the success of the trading business, profits, sales and number of visitors does not always depend on the price, quantity, and quality of products? Big znacheie a general impression, the atmosphere, thoughtful design, the interior design of the shelves, the location and convenience vyboratovarov. This creative, well thought-out, painstaking process called registration outlets. Development togpovogo business runs actively and productively, if the store or point of sale equipped with stylish, ergonomic, informative and high-quality commercial equipment: stands, counters, shelves, etc.
Proizvodstovom and installation of all this, and the company does "Original Solutions". Our experienced staff are happy to create an exclusive design, will design and manufacture the design for the decoration of any event or the point of sale under the client's personal needs and characteristics of specific locations.