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Manufacturing sheds Price Gallery

One of the activities of "Original Solutions' - making canopies and awnings. Input groups may be different in color, shape and can be made of different materials.

Canopies and awnings - is the perfect solution for any time of the year! In the summer - it is protection from the sun, and in the autumn and winter - protection against rain and snow!
The form of the canopy can be triangular, arched, straight or lean-to.
At the heart of canopies we use shaped tubes of different cross sections, depending on the complexity of the design. The roof can be covered by polycarbonate (monolithic or cellular), metal or a metal sheet.
Particular attention should be paid to carports. Covered car garage can be easily replaced. It is well protected from rain and sunlight. Carport can be either attached to the wall of the house and to stand as a separate structure.
To protect your equipment can be manufactured visor unit. But this variety of options does not end there! This can be a canopy for gazebo, shed for balconies, canopies for recreational areas in the country or in the yard and any other canopy made on your sketch.
Awnings and canopies in Kiev, we are made of high quality materials resistant to weather conditions, which ensures a long service life of the entrance area.
Our experts will help you design a unique design visors, which will emphasize your individuality and profitably allocate your entrance area!
Properly made the front group can be your best business card!