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Navigation signs Price Gallery

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The company "Original" Urban Navigation System is composed of urban indicators. All objects for which information is contained on the navigation signs - streets, squares, public authorities, the objects of city value, public and commercial organizations - are elements of urban infrastructure, do not violate the aesthetics of the urban environment, not hinder pedestrian flow, form a unified system of orientation for drivers. The information may contain brand names and company logos. But the intended purpose of our creation is not an indicator of interest in these companies and brands, and providing residents and visitors reliable information about the location of a particular organization. Navigational signs may be placed on street lighting poles and end support. For installation on the mast street lighting used universal holders of aluminum alloys.

  • Navigational signs are placed on street lighting poles. Krepezhakonstruktsii to apply universal holders of aluminum alloys.
  • To form an image on signs used monomeric plasticized vinyl, thickness of 75 microns, which is applied to the method of application modules, to achieve high-quality image contrast for a long time.
  • Designs have two options: two-way and one-way. Each option has four format.


Тип А1

1240 х 950 мм

Тип B2

1550 х 1550 мм

Тип А2

1240 х 1450 мм

Тип B1

1550 х 1000 мм

Modules navigation pointers are designed for continuous operation in harsh climatic usloviyah.Konstruktivno module pointer is a two-way surround box with internal podsvetkoy.Dlya its production chosen as one of the newest technologies shaping. The products have excellent anti-friction and anti-shock properties, superior resistance to corrosive environments, frost and guarantee the conservation of the physical properties for 10 years. In general, the design is not applied corrosive materials. Navigation pointers can be set to:

  • immovable property owned in other businesses;
  • personal property that are owned or possessed by business entities (including public lighting on masts / towers catenary);

To install the navigation pointers to movable property owned or owned businesses (including, for street lighting masts / towers catenary) to:
а) conclude a contract for the installation and operation;
б) a permit for the installation and operation of pointers.