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Auto disk powder coating Price Gallery

Painting discs - a necessary component of any car service. The quality of the painting depends on the durability of drives, their appearance and durability.
Powder coating gives one of the best results of the staining of motor drives and is an excellent alternative to liquid paints. Thanks to high-quality powder coating Painting drives become quite popular.

The advantages of powder coating disks:
1. Cost. During the powder coating uses a small amount of material, which goes by the lower cost of the finished product.
2. A large color palette. Variety of colors of powder paint provides the ability to accurately choose the right shade and meet any customer requirements.
3. Resistance. Powder painting is kept for a long time, so you do not have often painted rims.
4. Protection. High-quality powder coating disks will protect the metal from corrosion and external influences that will extend the life of your car drives.
Before Powder Painting drives passes sandblasting, metal product that cleans and prepares it for further processing. Through the work of sandblasting the paint falls on an even layer of the product and lasts a long time.

Prices of paint discs:

Size Metal
one. / set
one. / set
R-12 475/1820 640/2480
R-13 475/1820 640/2480
R-14 475/1820 640/2480
R-15 510/1960 640/2480
R-16 510/1960 670/2600
R-17 540/2080 705/2740
R-18 670/2600 865/3380
R-19   930/3640
R-20   995/3900
R-21   1157/4548
R-22   1285/5060

Prices for powder painting of disks indicated in UAH. in view of VAT

The price of powder coating disks include:
-Preparing Drive to staining.
-powder Staining drives.
-Termoobrabotka In the curing oven.

Powder coating wheel rims can make your car more bright and original if used bright colors, or make a powder coating using several colors.

Powder coating disks - the right choice for the care of your car!