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Stand "Consumer Corner" Price Gallery

All prices are in USD. VAT


For customer on 2 pockets

Size 55x50, 4 mm PVC 
without Profile   Price + VAT
... 550 UAH.
With profile U-shaped 790 UAH.
frame 820 UAH.


For customer for 4 pockets

Dimensions: 50x80, 4mm PVC 
without Profile   Price + VAT
... 780 UAH.
With profile U-shaped 1180 UAH.
frame 1330 UAH.


For customer for 6 pockets

Dimensions: 80x80, 4mm PVC 
without Profile   Price + VAT
... 1250 UAH.
With profile U-shaped 1680 UAH.
frame 1825 UAH.


For customer for 8 pockets

Dimensions: 100h85, PVC 4mm 
without Profile   Price + VAT
... 1660 UAH.
With profile U-shaped 2100 UAH.
frame 2250 UAH.


For customer with color printing (custom)

Material: PVC 3-4mm 
without Profile   Price per m 2
... from 1720 UAH.
With profile U-shaped from 2300 UAH.
frame from 2350 UAH.


« For customer» – an information booth, which is designed to display information in the sales rooms, offices and other public buildings. 

These "corners" include:
- Corners of consumers; 
- message board; 
- information stands in kindergartens, schools, office buildings around;
- stands with exchange rates - in banks, etc. 

As a rule, any organization that provides services of any nature should be "corner the consumer." Naturally, this stand can be designed as a strictly formal, and be pleasing to the eye. In any case, many types of stands such as their use, both inside and outside the premises.

Production of information stands 
Usually "Consumer Corner" can be made of PVC foam sheet, decorated with color film or print. For boards, for example, the central place is a panel with a magnet on the entire board, so that you can attach documents and recent announcements, and various information booths can be decorated with heraldic elements or letters of gold.

« For customer or consumer » – it is a kind of standard pockets PVC or acrylic resin for fixing A4 documents (album sheet of paper). Pockets can be manufactured with different thicknesses, plus there should be one large pocket for a book of complaints and suggestions. 
Our company by the customer may also make information booths with any number of pocket, for any size sheets (A3, A4, A5) and decorate them as you wish, and - all at affordable prices! Our products combine the two necessary conditions: the price and quality of goods.