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Hemispheres and balls Price Gallery

Transparent or colored hemisphere and balls - endless source of ideas for advertising, design and architecture.
For the manufacture of products sphericity forms using one of two methods: thermoforming and termoduv.
Company "Original Solutions" makes the scope of the hemisphere and by plastic molding using air pressure. Vacuum purge sheet plastics involves the use of thermo-oven, where the sheet material is heated, after which it is placed in special equipment and a strong air flow produced blowing the desired shape. blowing technology provides a hemisphere with a flawless smooth glossy surface, as opposed to thermoforming. Regardless of the technology, a ball of plexiglass we get by the compounds of the equator two hemispheres.
Connect the hemisphere can be with 3 different ways:
   bonding - at the equator is neat, strong seam;
   plug-in connection - for products that need to be opened during operation;
   mechanical fastening bolts for flange - with the possibility of disassembly.
For termoduvki can use the following sheet materials:
Vacuum purge sheet materials allows us to produce balls, hemispheres, caps, covers and any other spherical elements on the surface which can cause a variety of signs, patterns or pictures.
Termobending plastic and Plexiglas - one of the many services the company can offer «Original Solutions». Through blowing of plastic and acrylic emerged a large number of possibilities for the realization of a wide variety of ideas of our customers. This method of plastic processing allows different spherical and hemispherical elements for use virtually in every field. Clear or colored, smooth, beautiful sphere or hemisphere - is a great foundation for the realization of the original design idea.

Lamps and lighting fixtures made of acrylic

One unusual design solutions is the lighting design of the interior with plastic or acrylic lamps and fixtures. Without a well-thought-out lighting design even the most beautiful harmony and loses its appeal. An excellent solution to this problem can be fixtures of plastic or Plexiglas. In place of the glass chandeliers come lamps, ceiling lamps and acrylic. A variety of colors, and a number of advantages of this material allows designers to create works of art. Lamps made of Plexiglas are very strong and durable, lightweight and practical, have remarkable light transmitting and light-scattering properties. Also acrylic - it is an eco-friendly material that does not emit any heat under the influence of harmful substances, which is particularly important if the customer picks up the lamp in the nursery. Hemispheres and balls made of plexiglass cover well, not only the room, but it will serve and excellent lighting equipment for the garden or the park can be a good solution in the field of landscape design, exterior facade design of country houses, restaurants, terraces, porches and other structures.

Domes and caps made of transparent plastic

One of the most urgent in recent constructions are domes and caps made of plastic and acrylic. They are used in the most unusual places to cover the demo songs, models, exhibition displays for the protection and preservation of the museum, religious, archeological exhibits. Thus, acrylic and plastic caps protect items from moisture, dust and hands of curious visitors. Plexiglas shields, as compared with glass, have less weight, high strength, and do not allow UV rays. Another way to use acrylic domes and caps can be window dressing, store shelves, advertising stands, presentations, and even the interior of the store. Transparent caps installed, for example, in sales rooms, are invisible, and does not interfere considered perceive goods and pass them without distortion color and shape. In general, acrylic or cap of plastic material - is, first of all, beautiful and elegant product capable of providing excellent protection articles or goods from physical and mechanical effects.

Glasses and plastic decoration

Especially popular at this time enjoys the use of large glasses and a variety of acrylic, decorative, spherical elements in dance shows and performances. This original design is used as a decoration and is able to impress the most spoiled audience. Creative solutions of this kind perfectly help you ensure a successful, spectacular and profitable performance. The tendency to use large glasses and acrylic decorations topical as for television, film, circus and theatrical spheres of art. The ease and flexibility of acrylic spheres and balls ensures trouble-free transportation of scenery from behind the scenes and during the tour. Experience and practice of our company in the use of large glasses and decorative, spherical elements of Plexiglas demonstrates their reliability and practicality. Such products can be actively used for a long time that many times worth the investment in them.

The decor and furniture made of acrylic

«Original Solutions» company can offer you decorative items and furniture spherical shapes made by blowing plastic or acrylic. Now it is very original and topical solution in the interior design. Furniture and decor of Plexiglas has a number of advantages from it, you can make the unusual design items, from containers for living plants to tables, shelves and chairs. These products are easy and not cluttered, reflect light and create the extra space, and most importantly - in harmony with the interior, in fact, in all styles. Transparent furniture and accessories remain neutral and, at the same time, look interesting, modern and neizbity.

Florariums and aquariums made of acrylic and plastic

We would like to highlight is the perfect decorative solution as containers for living plants and fish tanks made of plastic and acrylic. In addition, it is a wonderful way to relax after a hard day's work and get aesthetic pleasure, it is also a great decoration at home, coffee shop, restaurant or other facilities. With the advent of a material such as acrylic, it is possible to change a rectangular container made of silicate glass on sorts, original, round, sphericity aquariums and decorative containers. Acrylic Aquarium has several advantages: high light transmission, transparency, resistance from UV rays, impact resistance, and most importantly - flexibility, and ease of heat treatment. We are happy to produce for your fish or plants, or original acrylic aquarium florarium, which will be an interesting addition to your interior.

Illuminators Pexiglas

The advantages of acrylic and its unique characteristics allow use of this material even in the area of ​​aviation. Acrylic windows have a number of advantages: a good impact resistance, excellent visibility is not dependent on weather conditions, the ease, flexibility and the ability to heat treatment. Illuminators Plexiglas - it's a good solution for glazing air vehicles and drones. Properties Plexiglas portholes provide an opportunity to make unique designs, as well as significantly reduce the risk of injury to the crew due to the fact that the acrylic is not broken down into fragments with a considerable mechanical stress, and covered with cracks. Our company will produce for you the windows of acrylic or plastic by vacuum purging, in compliance with all necessary standards and technical requirements.