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Сutting cardboard Price Gallery

We offer you the service of cutting cardboard (corrugated cardboard, foam board), linoleum, carpet and paper. Cutting is performed on CNC milling machines, thanks to the special nozzle-blade, ensures accuracy and precision cutting of materials such as cardboard, carpet and linoleum.

Shape cutting foam board and corrugated board is widely used for the manufacture of all kinds of decorations, curly vyveskok, models and original window dressing. The same cutting board can be used for the manufacture of decorative elements exclusive apartments, as well as in the interior of any premises. And any design that you want to implement and set in the room! For outdoor use foam board and corrugated cardboard is not suitable, because of the lack of moisture protection. Because we can cut cardboard blank for the packaging of any kind, as well as to make stencils.

Also in our company you can order a decorative cutting of linoleum and carpet. We carry out work on an exclusive curved cutting logos and flooring elements of individual design. If you decide to issue individual applique floor, or prepare for an important event - cutting linoleum and carpet is something that will highlight and individuality in your idea. Maybe put linoleum / carpeting in your design project of several colors, with no visible seams connecting.

Our machine can cut sheets up to 1500h2500 mm. And the possibility of optical sight can cut the necessary elements are already printed on the layout.

Order cutting of cardboard with us, and our experts will execute any your order in the shortest time, while ensuring the highest quality of work! And all this at an affordable price!

Materials for cutting:
- Foam board
- Corrugated cardboard
- Linoleyum
- Carpet
- Paper
- Polystyrene
- Foam
- The film with higher density and hardness.