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Set-little Banny Price Gallery

Set-little Banny
The original set of children's table and chairs "little Bunny", the line "BE SMART" furniture.
Table and chairs - it's not just children's furniture is part of the interior, which is a favorite place for your child's games.
Our designers strive to make children's furniture is not only functional, but also original.
Items of furniture in the nursery especially should combine the qualities of practicality, durability and wear resistance.

Choosing furniture for the nursery we always consider not only the functionality, but also high security guarantee. All materials used for the manufacture of a given set, eco-friendly. In manufacturing accounted for all of the standards for the manufacture of children's furniture.
Plywood 15 mm (Table) Table 560*560*460 1400 UAH
Plywood 15 mm (Chair) Chair 260*300  
Environmentally friendly material Safe for children Easy to use Standards are taken into account
for the manufacture of
children's furniture

.Furniture for children's rooms

The greatest part of his time a child spends in his room, where he sleeps, plays and develops. For the baby is not just a room - a space filled with an amazing atmosphere of harmony and creativity. This is his tale, it's a small world.
Therefore, an important task to organize the room in front of caring parents so that she was the most safe and comfortable to their daze was nice in it. Surround comfortable and beautiful things, objects useful for the development - a table for drawing, shelves that will house favorite toys in the public domain, table and chairs for which he could sculpt, play, learn.
Parameters of furniture must correspond to the age of the child in the nursery, which lives there. In no case can not be guided by such a criterion in the selection - as a "room for growth" furniture, especially when it comes to selecting a table and chairs.

Table and chairs for children little Banny

Children always something to learn, there is the first figure, the first figure from clay, the first application. And the biggest mistake, make crumbs working at the table, which is intended for an adult.
Adults table models can bring irreparable harm to the baby's health. Of course, he would sit at a large table in a difficult position for him, thus causing damage to the spine and vision.
Acquired for baby personally his own table and chairs have a positive impact not only on his physical health but also mental state since he will feel important and equal, which undoubtedly will affect the formation of his personality in the future.
Children little Banny set consists of a table and four chairs, the parameters of which will fit perfectly in any room, even in a small apartment. All corners are rounded, so that during the entertainment children could not hurt. Set little Banny is made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials. In manufacturing accounted for all of the standards recommended for children aged 2 to 5 years.
Table and chairs for children little Banny will give your baby a comfortable sitting area and games.