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Signboards Price Gallery

Signboards, no doubt, a one of very important attributes of modern advertising in any organization, be it a office, store, barbershop or cafe. With stylish advertising signs have the ability to attract customers and achieve results more quickly conceived. As they say, meet on clothes. In order to make a first impression is positive, of course, you need to express yourself effectively and memorizing. In order to notice it you among similar institutions, illuminated signs it is very important. Signboards are classified into internal and external, light and not light, direct and figured. A construction can be executed by a volume and flat. By volume signboards, for durability, can contain metallic framework.


 Signs of PVC

PVC material is the most budgetary, which is used for producing signage in outdoor advertising. Most often used for information about the organization, which is located inside the building. You can often find these signs on the facades and inexpensive shops signboards PVC enough light, flexible, flame-retardant, glued to any surface.
In some cases, they have limitations in outdoor use in comparison with other advertising signs. For example, the sign of the PVC can not use the front illumination since the material is translucent. In order to use this type of lighting you need PVC combined with light diffusing acrylic or other material.
What better sign to buy discuss with an expert who objectively tell in what form it is to choose.
Signboards of PVC can be issued and advertise small plane with a limited budget.

Advantages signage PVC

  • speed manufacturing
  • low cost
  • Easy to install


 Banner without construction

Banner - durable, water-resistant, specific cloth for printing, which makes it possible to put full-color images at very low cost. The result is quite colorful and clear images, which is important when you need to get the buyer interested in your product or service and to consolidate the information in his mind.
Banner signs pretty economical option for outdoor advertising, but it is strong and durable to use. A great advantage is that the ad spare have limitations in size, both in height and in width. Banner design at any time quickly enough to replace or move with the frequency that you want the customer. Often, this type of advertising is used on the facades of shops, cafes, construction sites, offices, shopping and entertainment centers, exhibitions inform about promotions or special offers of the company.
For secure mounting structure on banner cloth every 15 - 20 cm, stuffed eyelets (metal rings) and then securely fastened to the metal frame, which ensures high mobility. The main difficulty lies in the quality stretch banner on the design, which can not do without the help of experts.
The benefits of banner advertising:

  • Unlimited size
  • lightweight construction
  • low cost
  • absence of compounds (as in the case of composite or acrylic)
  • the visual effect of a high-level
  • easy replacement


Sings with lagre letters

The use of volumetric letters, no doubt, the most that neither is a spectacular and effective element of outdoor advertising, which won the modern metropolis, completely covering the desired audience segment.

Especially important is the design process when the design of the front group, which is intended for the passage of a large number of people and therefore it is necessary to adhere to very strict requirements in the strength of established designs. Making the front group includes registration area at the entrance advertising signs with the name, the logo, if you need more information, and performs the function of not only advertising and aesthetic, but also protective. In developing the design takes into account three basic elements - facing, sun and signboard.

For bulk production of signage letters used combining different materials such as acrylic, PVC, resin, polycarbonate. These signs can be non-light and light. They are attached by means of an aluminum profile on the facade of the building, on the hood, roof, indoors, in a showcase and many other surfaces.

Accordingly, the price depends on the font, complexity of execution, the components used and the method of lighting and installation.

Advantages of signage with large letters

  • efficiency
  • reasonable price,
  • can be mounted on any surface
  • design of the exterior and interior of the object
  • variety of forms of execution
  • combination with other elements of advertising


Price signs

Position Un. of mesu. Price
Signs of PVC м2 - UAH.
Printing on the banner м2 - UAH.
Printing on banner grid м2 -UAH.
Banner construction running meter -UAH.




Lighting signs

Subjective approach in the choice of lighting technology in lighting signage due to certain objectives that must be achieved. At night, increase the functional efficiency of front signboards of shops, pharmacies, cafes, improve aesthetics informational signage in banks. The light elements can be placed inside the construction signs, and to provide a uniform backlighting of the entire object, and the contour of the open or backlighting. Signs with front illumination give the project an exciting beauty. It uses neon, LED lights or fluorescent lamps with long life and low power consumption.


 Nonlight Signdoards

Signboards not light often used where there is sufficient lighting and additional lights completely appropriate. For example, a sign inside the premises of the office or shopping center. Mostly it is plastic or metal panels that bear the text or a picture with a film and do not require additional maintenance.
Non-illuminated billboards also losing its relevance in the outdoor advertising. This design consists of a sturdy metal frame that fits inside the canvas printed onto film, text and images. Information on it quite easily perceived, the main thing is not to overload the meaning, better to focus on creative design. Such designs generally placed in the vicinity of the object, its announcement about special events or detailed directions. Signboards on the facades of shopping centers facilitates the task of the user in finding the right they shop or cafe.


Signboards for shops

As for a signboard for a shop, she is situated mostly above an entrance and carries in itself very important information that is often perceived cleanly subconsciously. For example, sign on the facade of expensive brand clothing store, a beauty salon and fitness club clients are people of status, makes it clear to the high price policy of the institution. In another case of the same sign for the store to do or other places with lower prices it can scare off potential customers.

Repair signage

Each case is individual and quite an important undoubtedly important one. As a sign plays a very important role in bringing to the consumer the necessary information and, accordingly, to increase sales. Outdoor advertising is an art. We are happy to help you find the most suitable option is in the direction of your business.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and eventually have to replace any elements of design or lighting. Each material has its operational life, by coincidence that you want to replace the elements to give a presentable kind of signage. Repair signage less time consuming and less expensive process compared to replacing the entire structure. We are ready to make the sign of any complexity, as well as to overhaul the signs as soon as possible.
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