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Lightboxes Price Gallery

All prices are in USD. VAT

Lightbox with plastic quad system (polycarbonate, acrylic)

This Lightboxes perimeter enclosed plastic profile. Corners can be made, if desired, rounded or straight. Under the right Ramer welded metal frame, then nadevaetsya profile ustanavlivaetsya lights and locked the front svetorasseevayuschey plankkoy.

  one-way double-sided one-way double-sided
material PVC 5 mm (white sintered),
trubokvadrat, acrylic 3 мм,
fluorescent lamps,
kvadrosistema 130 мм
PVC 5 mm (white sintered),
trubokvadrat, cell 
polycarbonate 3 мм,
fluorescent lamps,
kvadrosistema 130 мм
Individual price calculation


Uniform light boxes with trim

Trim - the plastic-coating profile, which gives the shape of the product. The main function is to fix the lightbox advertising field and sidewalls. The sidewalls are made in galvanized sheet metal fixed trim, which gives the opportunity to ask a non-standard form of the product.

  one-way double-sided
material Trubokvadrat, acrylic, zinc, lighting trim Trubokvadrat, cell polycarbonate, galvanized, lighting, trim
The rear wall
in total Individual price calculation


Lightbox with banner banner

Lightbox with a banner going along the same lines as the previous species. The only difference is that the forend (real field) is made from the luminal banner that pull on the lightbox and fixed profile.
This design is convenient because of its advertising field - replaceable, you can change it periodically, reprinting banner.

  Оцинковка Promo frame profile
material Trubokvadrat, zinc, 
banner with printing, 
Trubokvadrat, zinc, 
banner with printing, 
lighting, profile 
Promo frame
The rear wall
in total Individual price calculation


Lightbox composite

One of the most common types of illuminated signs, bent into the box. Aluminum composite material provides very high strength base signage and internal reinforcing metal frame has improved stability of the structure. Translucent of signs, whether the notice or other items performed diffusing acrylic. The choice can choose different textures and colors composite body. You can also choose the color of luminous elements or full color printing.

  one-way double-sided
material PVC 5 mm (white sintered), trubokvadrat, composite 3 мм, 3mm acrylic, fluorescent lamps
cost Individual price calculation

Lightbox (light box)

Lightbox - advertising light box, which today is one of the most common types of outdoor advertising. It can be seen in almost all the streets of all cities in the world. The materials used in the production of advertising light boxes are strong enough and resistant to various damages. Lighting design is not only a source of information, but also the "face" of any institution. With fluorescent illumination light designs are clearly visible in the dark with a fairly long distances. Thus the power consumption is significantly reduced compared to other lamps. Also, many establishments often use light boxes with LED backlight for the realization of interior solutions, as well as to design a menu in a fast food restaurant


Light boxes are used

  • Outdoor advertising on the facades
  • Infomatsionnyh road signs
  • Menu in a cafe
  • In all interior lighting solutions at the premises

Lightboxes unilateral and bilateral

Best option to declare themselves - is unilateral or bilateral thin, light Lightbox. Great for signs of any complexity.

The one-sided lightbox LEDs lit only one plane and secured a LED lightbox to any flat surface.

Bilaterally lightbox LEDs illuminated two planes, and this design is set mostly mechanical fastening. Thus, it will be visible and recognizable along the street.

 Buy sided lightbox is possible here in Kiev after spending a minimal amount of your precious time. Price lightbox depends on the materials used. How to order? Our managers will help you make the right choice, guided by your wishes.

Custom boxes

Non-standard boxes, or else they are sometimes called curly boxes very interesting device. They look very impressive and always solid. Custom, super thin (10 mm) socket with mechanical light box illumination are increasingly attracted consumers with its elegant appearance. Such structures are often used in interior design, in the production of company logos and many other things.

 Using curly backlit light boxes can achieve the 3D effect, and this sign will make sure to attract the attention of the views of the people passing by.

When making use lightboxes

  • Metallic profile
  • Acrylic
  • PVC
  • Polycarbonate
  • Self-adhesive film or full color printing
  • LED or fluorescent lamps



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