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Souvenir packing Price Gallery

Our company is engaged in the production of gift boxes (Box gift), which at the moment are the absolute trend in the souvenir market. We provide services for the production of gift boxes from various materials, such as wood, cardboard, plywood, MDF, various types of plastic. Our masters will make the order with finished layout, or we can create a layout of the desired box especially for you. Production at the professional level with quality materials guarantees the fulfillment of the order in accordance with the expectations of the client.


Gift boxes are made of such materials:


• Cardboard;

• EAF;

• Fibreboard;

• PVC;

• Various kinds of plastic;

• Acrylic boxes;

• Plexiglass boxes.


Box gift (box for gifts) - a new trend in the market of interior design and gift products. Souvenir boxes of various sizes and formats are as relevant as ever to you if you want to emphasize the sense of taste and style. There may be different uses for these boxes:

• For interior decor in the office, creative spaces for work and leisure, for home comfort and storage of small things;

• Packing various souvenirs in a non-private format, which not only keeps the gift itself from external factors and protects from breakage, but also beautifies aesthetically;

• Product advertising and packaging in branded boxes;

• Corporate gifts, packaging for employees and customers, vip-gifts;

• For gift box services, sets and delivery - an excellent option for your business;

• In the field of hobbies and decoupage - everything for the flight of your creativity.


A box for packaging samples of products is the main component in advertising your products. When a buyer reviews samples of your products, he will certainly pay due attention to how it is packaged and into what. Especially for each product, for personal requests and desires, we can select and make individual packaging for mock-ups and a box with their full composition. The box preserves and can protect against external influences and dust, will always provide a product presentation and positively affect the sale of products and services.

Boxes made of plastic, acrylic are made in various variations and shapes, depending on the purpose of this order. Acrylic boxes are often used for carrying out actions and all kinds of events, will help any event to pass at the highest level. Boxes of plexiglas are used in many areas, including for advertising and save from external factors the goods being presented. Using both transparent and colored materials, you can achieve the desired effect from the packages and thereby show your products in a new light.

Gifts for VIP clients. Packaging gifts for VIP customers deserves special treatment. This is a sign of attention and respect for the client. It is designed to emphasize your personality and creativity, make good advertising for your brand, ensure its recognition, and, thereby, positively affect the sales of your product. For the manufacture of this type of packaging, it is possible to use almost any material - from cardboard to wood. It is possible to combine the materials used and decorate with decorative elements. It is important to think through all the details, taking into account the individual characteristics of the gift and paying particular attention to detail. We know the importance of these moments, so we make VIP packaging, which emphasizes the importance of the gift given. Such VIP gift wrapping will be appreciated by your customers, it will be a pleasant surprise for your partners and will create a feeling of care for your employees.

Wooden packaging for wine. Present in a gifted wooden wine box is the best way to express your respect and respect to its recipient. It is the packaging of wood that will be the best decoration for such an expensive and exquisite gift as wine. Our organization makes original wine packaging, which besides its attractive appearance is also a reliable protection for its contents, it is quite strong and comfortable. We produce wooden wine packaging of absolutely different sizes and modifications. At manufacturing we use an array, plywood and veneer. We paint and cover the package with varnish, we do grinding and toning. To apply the logo, we use laser engraving and cutting. The completion of the external image of the wooden packaging for wine is fittings. Inside the wooden packaging we make out using paper, textiles, various lodgment, hay and chips serve as filler. We also decorate the gift wrapping with wooden partitions, which divide the inner space of the box into several parts. Such a box will serve as an ideal package for a wine set. If you need to adequately present your exclusive gift, then there is nothing better than a wine wooden package for him.