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3D design Price Gallery

All prices are in USD. VAT

3D-design in Kiev

3D modeling - is the creation of three-dimensional models with shape and color. The advantages of 3D design is that, for example, the sign for the point of sale can be shown in detail, space on all sides, making it possible to more deeply understand and accept the end result of manufacturing, advertising structures as well as other elements.

3D design is relevant in such situations:

  • object can not be photographed, but you need to put it in another environment;
  • object does not exist, but there is a need to show how it will look;
  • need to develop an original and creative design of printed materials or website.


The cost of design work

According to the complexity of development can offer 3 levels, which make up the price:

  1. selection of standard fonts, graphics
  2. selection of unique graphics, the selection and adjustment of fonts.
  3. drawing graphics and fonts, selection of exclusive fonts and graphics.


service І the level of complexity ІІ the level of complexity ІІІ the level of complexity
3D-visualization 500 UAH. 700 UAH. 800 UAH.
entrance Lobby 700 UAH. 980 UAH. 1120 UAH.

Our experts with their skills and serious approach to business will try to make you have never had a question: how will it look? With the advent of new developments and technologies in our world, people increasingly began to ask the question: how will it look? It is in order to answer this kind of question was created 3Dgrafika. With the help of 3D design can not only show clearly how it will look finished product advertising, and even reach the maximum detail. After all, visualization and layout is the basis of the process of creating advertising.