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Graphic design Price Gallery

All prices are in USD. VAT

graphic Design in Kiev

This is the kind of design that helps to create a harmonious and effective visual communication medium. Used to create and combine symbols, images or words. Now it is difficult to imagine the existence of advertising without graphic design. It starts with the design of the entire process of creating a huge advertising designs and printing products.

Graphic design is used to develop:

  • promotional and informational posters
  • corporate identity of the company and its core elements - logo
  • booklets, brochures, calendars and other promotional printing products
  • packaging, labels, covers
  • aways
  • Internet sites
  • simple visualization
  • models for outdoor advertising (light boxes, billboards, signs, etc)

The company "Original Solutions' responsible approach to the development of models of any complexity, because the design - it is the first step to building the foundations of style.

Price of design work

According to the complexity of development can offer 3 levels, which make up the price:

  1. selection of standard fonts, graphics
  2. selection of unique graphics, the selection and adjustment of fonts.
  3. drawing graphics and fonts, selection of exclusive fonts and graphics.


Услуга І the level of complexity ІІ the level of complexity ІІІ the level of complexity
Designing a logo 800 UAH. 1500 UAH. 3000 UAH.
leaflet А4 350 UAH. 490 UAH. 560 UAH.
leaflet А5 250 UAH. 350 UAH. 400 UAH.
poster А3 550 UAH. 770 UAH. 880 UAH.
poster А2 600 UAH. 840 UAH. 960 UAH.
booklet А4
( composition 210х100мм)
500 UAH. 700 UAH. 800 UAH.
200 UAH. 280 UAH. 320 UAH.
cutaway 50 UAH. 70 UAH. 80 UAH.
200 UAH. 280 UAH. 320 UAH.
pocket Calendar 150 UAH. 210 UAH. 240 UAH.
Calendar quarter 200 UAH. 280 UAH. 320 UAH.
Catalog / Cover 500 UAH. 700 UAH. 800 UAH.
Catalog / 1 page 70 UAH. 100 UAH. 115 UAH.
advertising banner 
for printed products
250 UAH. 350 UAH. 400 UAH.
layout Borda 
400 UAH. 560 UAH. 640 UAH.
a banner 200 UAH. 280 UAH. 320 UAH.
The development of advertising 
pillar of the field
150 UAH. 210 UAH. 240 UAH.
advertising design
200 UAH. 280 UAH. 320 UAH.
3D-visualization 500 UAH. 700 UAH. 800 UAH.
entrance Lobby 700 UAH. 980 UAH. 1120 UAH.
Showcase / partitions 400 UAH. 560 UAH. 640 UAH.
branding cars 300 UAH. 420 UAH. 480 UAH.
The designer's job 
with the customer (1:00)
150 UAH.
If necessary, we provide services STUDIOS 
( The cost is calculated individually)
І the level of complexity Logo, color, business card,
1200 UAH.
ІІ the level of complexity + office interior (plate,
capacity), all printed material 
( booklets, leaflets, flyers), calendar
4000 UAH.
ІІІ the level of complexity + branding brand clothes,
souvenirs, development 
Outdoor advertising, design 
4000 UAH.